Jungle Choose-Your-Path Ideas?



I'm working on a choose-your-path sort of project that's jungle themed, because we've got so many new awesome jungle characters (thank you, THT!).
BUT I'm still trying to come up with a lot of different paths involving the characters. (Like going to Ms. Chief's village and deciding to accept her help or not.)

So basically, the story so far is that you wake up stranded in the middle of nowhere, with your plane wreckage around you. You want to see if there are any survivors, but you don't know where they could have gone. The forest, or the river?

Does anyone have any ideas? They don't have to be long or drawn out, just somewhere you think the story should go. Thanks! (I will give credit!)


is the story interactive or just scenery?

Either way, you could make a scene of the protagonist finding food and making shelter, but in the whilst of doing so, he discovers a temple


I think the end you're trying to achieve should be one where you make friends with everyone, go on many adventures/quests, and help out many characters!
One adventure/quest could be to find resources for a hut or to fight something to get a gem for a character!
You might get more ideas from Dyscourse, a choose-your-own-adventure game by Owlchemy Labs that starts with the protagonist in a desert island because of a plane crash!




@Anonymous and @GysvANDRegulus, thanks! Those are great ideas, and I'll definitely use them, or at least try to.

Also, it's just scenery that changes based on what you choose and where you choose to go.


Oh, what a wonderful idea! :D
Best of luck on the project(s)! :D


Thanks! :D
I hope it will end up being a project that I publish and not one that just sits in my drafts like almost every other project I've started XD