Judges topic for MLB clntest


So this is where the judges and I will discuss the winners and the teams


If u are part of this contest, please don't look
If you aren't part of the contest please don't reply to this topic

The teams will be ready by tomorrow so sign up today

Please only reply if u are a judge or u would like to either participate, judge or give prizes

We have room for one more judges
As many more prizes
And a lot more participants


Please reply on here if u would like to give prizes, be a judge or be a player ( participate)


Hai there!:grinning:


Can I be a judge ?
I would reward a follow from my account a shoutout and a trail art requests for the winners





We gotta pick on four team captains
So please write down four ppl who r in the contest that U think should be captain. Please don't tag them. Instead of saying @Ella_13, just say ella_13

What should a captain be like?
They should be responsible, kind, good at leading groups and they should listen to directions since classism get a lot of directions

The captains pick their teams ( like a draft) an synth assign their teammates their events/category's . They also gotta make sheer all their projects are turn in on time


I'm thinking

Awesome nacho
Mr gamer
Happy face girl
Minion candy


Pixel art
The design is super cool and complex!
2.aweosme nacho
I like the design9.5/10
I like the background
1. Potter head
I love it all!
2.Code perfect
I like the colors
3. The bestest
I like the lines

Trail art
It's cool and I like cats
It faked me out. I thought it was real
3.facinating tree house
:v:️ 8.99/10

1. Zachgswag
It was really funny 9.98/10
2. Pumpkin girl
Really cool idea
3. Coding kit
I really like the birds 9.52/10

Sins and cons
I tried so hard to narrow it down but I couldn't. All of hem were so good yet so unique. All three of y'all get a first place for your team MRGAMER food delivery, crookedcat


You guys agree? Anything u want to change?


We need
To release the results tonight


Sorry! I will go check out the thingies. This might take me about 20-30 minutes.


Here is what I did:

Pixel Art:

AwesomeNachos: This project was amazingly I loved how you did the smooth pixel art berdion. This pizza is amazing! 10/10!

MinionCandy: This pixel filed the whole screen. Kind of strange. This did not include very much colors. It's amazing. 9/10.

MR.GAM3R: This project was pretty good! It used dots, a version of pixel art I don't like. 7/10.


Potter_Head: 9.2! I love how you added a start button and everything! This was super creative. 9/10

thebestest: This was amazing! It was beautiful and innotive. 8/10.

CodePerfect: Why do you enter this for every contest? It's really good! 7/10!

Sin and Cos:

CrookedCat6519: I love the design! It's amazing and super pretty! Yobused sine and cosines very well. 10/10

FoodDelivery: Again, you enter this for every contest. It's great! 5/10

MR.GAM3R: 3/10 it was good and amazing!


PumpkinGirl- 7/10! This was really fun! I loved how no fish was harmed XD

Coding kit: 4/10 this was amazing!! It was kind of simple though.

Zachyswag: this wasn't really a game at all. 3/10.

Trail Art:

RobotPro: 10/10! I loved how much turns I used. I made the code advanced.

MR.GAM3R: 9/10 really good.

FascinatingTreehouse: 8/10 good not really realistic


I'll go with urs but I'm
Gonna raise the numbers a little so they don't feel bad


Sure! You can use ur compliments. I got lazy. XD


Yes i agrre @Ella_13