Joystick X and Y questions



U meant this one?


I’m so confused still.


Yes. I’m going to try that maybe.


Ok! It’s easy! You know how to use horizontal and vertical velocity variables right?


Kinda. Maybe. Not really


I thought it had something to do w/ sin cos for some reason…


I’m gonna post a WIP of the project


Ok! It’s easy! The vertical velocity is the variable that controls something’s movement in the Y axis, and the same with horizontal velocity, but in X axis, you use, set position: Self X position + horizontal velocity and the same with vertical velocity


May I add the code so you understand? I mean to the wip


Sure here it is


I’ll remake it ok?


Sure I’ll add u in the credits! I’m gonna bookmark this so I remember…


Lol sorry for messy coding. Stuff is EVERYWHERE!


@TheDeliciousOrange is this ok? I’ll unpublish it so if u remix the remix thinguie disappears ok?


Ok. Sure. U know there’s an easier way to do point towards


Yep but I prefer this one because, when the “object” that the thing is pointing towards to is right above it, it glitches


Ok! Now you can copy it without the remix thinguie!


Here is mine


Cool! I should’ve added more objects!!


Add to what