Journey to the Center of the Earth (NEW GAME)



As I advertised on my page I have a brand new game coming out themed from Journey to the center of the earth! I don't really know what I'm going to do with it yet so I need everyone's suggestions and even maybe some help I'll give credit if I use your idea! So please comment if you want to help or contribute an idea! Thanks- Wookie:blush:


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How about there are things called the earth Devils that come and blast fire at you close to the center of the earth! Kinda like a blaze in minecraft!


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@Intellection74 I haven't really done anything with it yet, That's why I'm asking for ideas


This sounds cool! Need any help?


Mebe you could have three levels and they could be like dantes inferno, where one is in the over world, one is in a hellish place, and one is in a floating island suspended above the void. Sounds like minecraft? That's where the dimensions idea of minecraft came from!


Achievements! Achievements achievements achievements :thumbsup:


Cool! Journey to the Center of the Earth is by Jules Verne (did I spell it right?)!


Why yes. Yes you did.


Oh, thanks! It wasn't it English (US) auto-correct.