Journey of a Square: The Series

Name of Project: Journey of a Square
Link to the Project:

Patch 1.7.5

  • Several adjustments to map layouts
    • Affected Maps: The Tunnel, The Lake 1, The Lake 2
  • Changed JoaS 1 and 2 to be Scenes instead of other projects
    • Soon to be in effect for all JoaS levels.
  • Added decor in The Lake 2
    • Decor includes; Spiderweb, spider, sign, sign text, and more!

1.8 coming soon!


Finish the Desert - Part 2 and 3
Add text box for next Journey of a Square game

… and more to come


ohhh very interesting! i’ll make sure to check every updates - btw, welcome to the forum :))


Patch notes for update 1.7 are out now


1.7.1 patch notes are out.


1.7.2 patch notes are out.


Welcome to the forum! Nice! I really like the Journey of a Square project series!


Regarding the Lack of Updates

Hey Journey of a Square players! Hope you’ve been enjoying the storyline, and sorry about the lack of updates! I’ll definitely get back into updates and release the desert storyline, I’m just busy working on another game at the moment. Go check it out!

See you there!


Hello everyone who’s been playing Journey of a Square. Unfortunately I will be taking a break. Now, I do not know when I’ll be back, but I will update you when I am.

Thank you for 900 visits on Journey of a Square.


I am officially back, and I am working on the Wood Chopping Simulator!


Sorry. I’ve been busy with projects and I will get the next level out soon.


1.7.3 out now.

Happy first update day! (In like 3 months)


cool! congrats on 1000 plays!


Thanks for reminding me! I have added the ‘Thanks for 1000 visits’ directly after I removed the 900 visits one


Patch 1.7.5 out now!


JoaS: Spoilers for Corruption!

Hey everybody! I figured I’d start showing you some spoilers with what’s to come in the brand new Corruption revamp!

New continuation of this story! New boss battles soon to come?

New area to chat with Bear? Also new enemy atop the building!

Final Notes
I will be stepping away from hopscotch projects for a bit as I am busy with school and stuff like that, but you can possibly see all of these in 1.8.

If you feel the need to give some feedback, just reply down below.


JoaS: Update

Updates have severely stopped as our school iPads have been completely wiped, and there is no more App Store to install stuff onto the iPads.

If you notice any updates, that’s because I got to use my iPad at home, or I am using the web browser.

Thank you, and hopefully 1.7.6 / 1.8 gets finished soon.


JoaS - Major Update

The iPads have received Hopscotch as an app recently, therefore resuming production on all the games.

The next update 1.7.6 (1.8) will be coming out soon!


JoaS - Major Announcement

Hello everyone reading this! I hope you’ve been enjoying JoaS, like I have developing it. Did you know there were two different versions before this version? Well anyways, onto the major announcement!

JoaS 1.8

I was told by my friends that I shouldn’t release 1.8… I wonder why that would be. Anyways…
This update was meant to have lots of new remodelled levels, but they decided that I should do something else

That’s why…

JoaS - Remastered is releasing soon!

Spoilers and more are soon to come! Now, let me tell you about what you can expect to see in this remade

I - Brand New Storyline

The old storyline for JoaS wasn’t planned out properly. That’s why, I plan to remake the storyline, whilst also releasing weekly special levels!

II - New Characters, Special Upgrades and more!

New characters, am I right? Well… the old characters were boring and only said a couple of words. Now, there’s gonna be full on conversations so you can chat and purchase special upgrades… that doesn’t sound right… never mind! Apparently there’s gonna be special upgrades that will make you faster, stronger, or even slow down time… maybe that’ll make development easier. rips script

I’m kind of sick of reading what my friends wrote… let’s just add something that I’d want.

III - Custom Level Maker

Ahem… I didn’t really plan what to say here, but I expect this to release on the 2.0 release. If it doesn’t then it’s probably still in the works. Some of the things you could expect that comes with it is a full game editor. Make your own levels, and more using the JoaS - Level Editor Update! (either releasing 2.0 or 3.0 release)

Final Notes…

Some of you may be sad that the original JoaS is discontinued, but it may have some levels from the previous game, new and improved!

Thanks for reading, and some game spoilers are to come!


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