JonnyGamer's General Topic Season 2 -- frying magikarps and the invasion of BIDOOF drop de doodle doo no one knows who wrote dis proffesһionalley. ALMIGHTY HAMILL TOTES MY GOATS Chips Ahoy


@jonnygamer I’m confused…
But this is also season 2.



I need to report back to my captain soon and he wants results and answers!


Me too me too
I’m confused

The rebel base is where you know they are


Why does everyone say SBYP, so then we can search and no matter the outcome we are still allowed to post I guess. We can honestly say, I did search, but I posted too

Search before you make a topic because if the topic has already been made we are just going to get disgruntled



troolled jk


Abbreviations for the Forum, jan. 2016


My dog says it too
@Petrichor does.
Repeated topics are a little annoying tho


Yeah, they are a little annoying

Eh it’s all good in the neighborhood


Totes my goats we’re chill


Totes my goaters

3 more minutes until the likems


What likens?
Some guy spammed me hard today - 120 notifications.

My revenge power will come but ehhhh… they’ve got to tell me who they are first. Sneaky…


@JonnyGarner ooooh who are they

Yeah I’m out of likems :/


They’ve got to tell me…
Cringy people


Ooh they are stinkers

They are on my list, but idk who they are :o


Same here
I thought it was one of your alts… or are they :thinking:


I wish I had thought of it, I would’ve grabbled it right away

They were too sneaky for me :/

JorinyGamer maybe probs not lol

JomyGaner lol


Do you know who this fanboy is? They’re really quite inappropriate :confused:


Yeah, real noddy yes they are them bad boyo


Maybe Sam returned?
These forumers with their attitudes … it’s a rebellion against the rules


Yeah! It’s so odd why do they do it D:

Idk idk idk idk idk