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@JonnyGamer this is what I understand of it so far :thinking: after checking with the animation too:

It is centred each time though, instead.


Oh! It seems to be a binary sequence! That'll be fun to code!


:smiley: initially I was thinking about doing clones, we have a max of 4096 (212) clones so I imagining doing a 64 by 64 grid, or 63 by 63 grid of squares. But then wasn't sure if it would work or what to do from there, and then there was the centering to take into consideration too :thinking:

And feel very free to join in too @Hermione and anyone else!


Yeah, we'd probably need to square root the initial number, and then with that find the middle number and out that in the center (and for even digits, idk)

Then the digits moved to the left and to the right are on those sides. That will be really difficult. Do you want to make a math/collab topic for this?


How does the 1331 become

■■■■ ?


Great question!
So 1 in binary is 1
3 in binary is 11

So 1 is filling the first square

And 3 is filling the first 2 squares

2 is ten, so if there was a 2, it'd only fill the second square

It works in powers of 2's

I can draw it on graph paper if you want
Edit: I see t1 explained it very well


Good question, I think @JonnyGamer got it too there :smiley:

The column above each number corresponds to its representation in binary:


1 = 1
2 = 10
3 = 11
4 = 100
5 = 101
6 = 110
7 = 111 etc.

The MatHS Team Collab!

we did that pattern in class did u knownthat you can find the fibonacci sequence in Pascal's triangle?


What? No way! How is the Fibbinnaci sequence related?


Well it's really wiered so you know it's like 111121 ....
wait I think it's faster if I get sth form a website I always use wait like 2mins
here it is


Oh yeah! I forgot about that! That's awesome!


I know !!!!
BTW you are doung this project about binary numbers and pascals triangles and stuff right? Maybe this website will help you

Maths is fun


Thanks! I can't wait to start working on it!


sry this was a silly dare (truth or dear thingy)


Ooh yes thanks for sharing that @Hermione, I think mathsisfun is very helpful too! I will add that to the Want More Math? topic – or if you like, actually, you can do that too :smiley:

It reminded me of another website called coolmathgames (because we used to look at these websites in primary school) where the idea is you learn from playing games.

– wait now I just remembered another one from primary school – (woah memories... and its science counterpart with funky music and it may seem a bit simple, I find it fun) Although these sites have other non-maths focused games too :slight_smile: but the games that incorporate maths and fun don't make it too much of a pain.

I'm gonna go grab links :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: now that I have them, im gonna pop over to the Want More Math topic :upside_down:

And woah that Fibonacci sequence trick in Pascal's triangle is so cool! I had heard others mention it but didn't know where it came out in the triangle :yum:


I'll check these websites out for sure