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woah I did not know about powers of 11!!! :scream:

And yes!! I use Pascal's triangle for combinations and permutations :joy:


I'm gonna be reading more about it on the Wikipedia page :slight_smile:

Forgot about binomial expansions!!


oh yes that too!!

I am going to look back where I mentioned Pascal's triangle in the Challenge topic I think


This is the coolest thing ever about Pascal's Triangle. I'll post the description in a moment:

Each frame represents a row in Pascal's triangle. Each column of pixels is a number in binary with the least significant bit at the bottom. Light pixels represent ones and the dark pixels are zeroes.

Honestly, I just like being able to see pictures and animals in it!


Also.. Pascal's Triangle has to do with triangle numbers and n-simplex numbers! We could do an awesome integration thing!!!!! :scream:


Ok, this is crazy
We'll definitely do some awesome integration
All the shaded numbers are odd. No way.


Woah I only had seen the triangle numbers which i'd put in the post, let alone all the others :open_mouth:

and shading the odd numbers? I never ever knew about that....
...This is just too cool :sunglasses:


This is gonna be so awesome when we complete it


I found what I was looking for :smiley:

it is a very small part to add:

There is a formula, 10Cn, which gives the number of combinations for '10 choose n items' (there are other notations for this, I am just using this one.) You can learn more about combinations at Khan Academy.

Pascal's triangle has a pattern where for each n-th horizontal row, the numbers in that row are equal to nC0, nC1, nC2, ..., nCn


Oh gosh I'm sorry about that t1, this whole help with code thing has affected us all.


Haha aw thanks @Currency5097193 it's okay :cry: (I am hoping we will be able to at least retrieve them at some point... there is a lot of helpful stuff back in Help with code.) hmm it looks like in the meantime we might have to wait a bit longer for a trig post instead of me copying and pasting a link immediately :confused:


Hey look I had pasted the link in another topic so I still have the link :upside_down::

Sadly we can't access the topic itself though.


Is that actually made from the triangle? That is really mindblowing. Interesting how such a simple concept like can be so awesome. Guess that shows you the wonders of math and numbers




Yeah! The first time I saw it, I couldn't believe it! I don't fully understand what's going on (found it on Wikipedia) but would definitely love to recreate it in Hopscotch with clones

(It'd be awesome to start a math collab where we do all sorts of math projects and ideas)


Woah to create it in Hopscotch with clones... sounds like an awesome idea!!!


Let's create the collab then!
This is going to be epic!


woah sounds cool if u ever need help I'll be here !
(Or Are u doing a public collab)
Can I add math questions??
I'm working on the cube project thingy bob right now


Sure! Feel free to add questions whenever!
Also, I'm going to create a topic really soon


Yes! I will have to be off for now but I will be thinking about it in the meantime :slight_smile: