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Welcome to JonnyGamer and t1's Math Blog! @t1_hopscotch and I be creating questions, talking about math, and etc. This place is for people who absolutely love math! If you love math, you can create your own blog as well. I will be posting blog posts and creating questions and challenges. Hope you enjoy it!

Was this a good idea? Please let me know! :slight_smile:
I hope other people will do this, too!

Also, I can make a list of subscribers, so I can tag you when I create a new blog post, and weekly on new math problems


@t1_hopscotch <– she's collabing with me!

Nerdy Maths topics [check 'em out here!]

Blog Posts

More Coming Soon..

Pascal's Triangle

We are currently working on this one

The Golden Ratio

Hyper Operations



Questions and Challenges

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Mathematics and Science come in a very broad range. I'll be separating Questions into groups:

Number Theory

Question 1: Difficulty 6
Find the probability that you will choose an odd divisor in the number: 30!
Or, give the ratio of even divisors to odd divisors.


Polynomials and the like

Question 1: Difficulty 10
Find the smallest nonzero solution for values x and y
(x^2) - 313(y^2) = 1


Graph Theory

Geometry Problems

I'll add to the list. If you want more kinds of topics, the list is here.

You can also add your own! (Sorry for the bad layout..)


I think this is an awesome topic :smille:
I will be looking forward to your posts!


Thanks! I was thinking about writing something either on the golden ratio, or Hyper Operations. Did you have anything in mind?


No but I'm learning Pascal's triangle so maybe that might be cool!


Yes, that's really good! I'll definitely do one on that. Pascal's triangle is super awesome


yeah so many patterns in it


Would you like to subscribe to the math posts? I'll tag you whenever I create a new post and weekly on new math problems


yeah sure thx gtg tho sry


Ok, bye!


Add me in! Just feel free to tag me anytime you make a math topic.


Ok, awesome!


So for this you're supposed to find the values of x and y?


Yeah, I should explain that on there

Changed it


Ooh okay me too can I subscribe? :smiley: (and tag/invite me whenever you make a new maths topic)


Bepasically the same thing I wanted! TWINZ! :smiley:


Teach me trig please thanks


Ok! Sounds good! (You should do a math blog as well, that'd be really cool!)


Sure! I'll add that to my list of blog posts I'll do!
I'm actually not in trig, but am learning it over the summer, so I might write an overview or something fun