Jokes the wrong way!


People are saying things that can be offensive on the forum because it's not real life and so if you say a joke but an emoji or another thing


You know, this can be offensive too.


Even putting a smiley emoji after a mean statement isn't cool.


I know but it makes it seem more kiddy kiddy if you say this

Hopscotch rocks:grinning:
Hopscotch rocks


Yeah like this

(This is not real, and I'm not trying to make an offense to anyone I'm making an example)

Lol u sux :smiley:


Woah flagging coming out, I mean it's easier it understand


In my opinion, you should always use emojis to show people if you are kidding or not. But in some cases, it is bad. (For example, I usually use :grinning: After a lot of my posts)


I think jokes can come across mean but try to brighten it up by saying funny or lol or this:stuck_out_tongue:



But I use this one when I'm confused



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I tested auto lose

I would try and make this related somehow. This doesn't really feel like a useful topic :wink:


"Close" you meant?


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