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It’s forecast to rain the whole week here


Same! But it’s normal here.




Haha, you’re just used to it now, aren’t you?


Well you have to be to live here. Haha.


How warm (or should I say cold) is it during the summer?


Well it varies! It’s around 27 degrees here normally, but there is normally a light summers breeze and sun. It’s nice, but it does not last long!


27°c is pretty nice (but it’s still too hot for me)


It’s warm for here! Very!


Oof that’s gotta be hot!

How did you know… We train ourselves to hide it! But if they told you, I’m telling you, they have a lot of trust in you. Remember that.

Omg someone finally understands
I hate it when people sing happy birthday for me cause it leaves you standing in the middle of the group, fake smiling cause you don’t know what to do. Plus, it’s super awkward.



Ok why was this flagged


Why was this flagged? It’s not a bad post at all!


I can’t say for sure, but in reading over the post a couple of times, I will have to assume that it was interpreted as sarcasm and making a jab at the other user. Without the benefit of hearing a tone of voice or seeing a facial expression, sometimes it is difficult to read in text alone whether a comment is serious, snarky, sarcastic or otherwise.

If @Jojo was truly genuine, they can repost it and I will try to keep an eye on it. :+1:t4:


I’m new so I don’t know much random


It was genuine but it got put in pending so it came around late.

I already got the message across in another post.

I don’t know who flagged it but I just hope that people can assume I’m being kind and genuine in general unless I do or say something to suggest otherwise.

Maybe it was the part about not being able to relate to a lot of immature people but that wasn’t a jab at anyone her or “everyone”. It was just a lot of people at school.

I’ll post less personal/meaningful stuff here just in case.


I appreciate the maturity you’ve displayed over this. Truly! :sunglasses:


What can I say?

It’s my greatest blessing…

but also my greatest curse. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm yep!!!


Omg there’s too much drama going on in Lucy’s topic…

Go have a look if you want, but I advise that you don’t post anything. People get really defensive…


Yeah man there really is.

Posting is fine, but I would also recommend against it.
Well yeah, we’re all human. All humans are stubborn. Some a bit more, some a bit less, but a they the end of the day that doesn’t really matter