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Thank you for agreeing.

I was into the whole idea of the project at first, but all the fighting has put me off.


Well of course. Why wouldn’t I agree? I’m not a fan of the flamewars or fights either – who is?

Yeah, and if you still wanna drop an opinion, please, just use Jazz’s. That’s official and hidden from us, so it would not offend any of us, and Jazz could convey the suggestions she receives there.


After all that has happened, I’d rather keep my opinions to myself. But thank you for the suggestion.




I took a look. I didn’t post anything, your judgement is definitely right in that regard.

I agree with you here but I think it should matter when gauging how you interact with people. I might be less lenient with someone who is more stubborn to prevent the chance of them thinking they can have their way (only if they’re objectively wrong).

But in this case, yeah, it shouldn’t matter.

I don’t like it.

[It’s basically, “Hey, you know how there’s a topic for expressing your concerns? Let’s scrap that. Put your complaints here where the leaders can see them so I can compile the data.”

bruh, just compile the data from the other topic. you can work out the change of people’s thoughts over time from the complaint to compliment ratio over time

“But I want to do it here so it’s more chill.”

flamewar begins]

Thank you!! Obviously I would hope that no one would express their thoughts in an offensive way regardless, but just in case, just use the official topic.

The only reason anyone wouldn’t want to use it is because Jazz would be notified by any posts they make in it. But then any concerns will eventually go through to Jazz or Ana through the leaders anyway.

If you want to be heard, the adult leaders are going to get involved. And that’s for the best. They won’t take things personally.

Thanks @Jazz for taking the time to watch over us and for monitoring the leaders as well. I trust the leaders, Fea and I are friends for example but I genuinely believe it’s the best way to go about things objectively.

the area of text between the [square brackets] is satire. Don’t take it too seriously, just take the general idea from it.


It was mainly due to my lack of knowledge about Lucy’s whole ‘project idea’…

I was naive. Again, apologies.


No, don’t apologise.

I felt that you moved to the right side as the discussion developed.

You’re fine.


I turned from the dark side

(no negative connotations, I mean it as a Star Wars joke - please don’t take it seriously)


It’s big big sad that you had to explain the joke to avoid offending others.

I got it :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s better safe than sorry :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“cupcakemaniac1, post:968, topic:23011”]
Omg someone finally understands
I hate it when people sing happy birthday for me cause it leaves you standing in the middle of the group, fake smiling cause you don’t know what to do. Plus, it’s super awkward.

finally, thank you. I know what you mean as well!


@Jojo, thank you for your vote of confidence. There are a few users, such as yourself, who have been very supportive. I just want to thank you on behalf of the team Leaders.


You all have been doing an amazing job so far, I feel like the leaders are doing a great job and are carrying out the correct actions, I am confident in them and I know they will do an amazing job!


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