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Why am I so stupid


And what type(s) of intelligences do you think I have?

I give you academic, social and emotional.

Academic because you’re book smart.

Social because you’re super good at understanding social cues, even on the internet. You’re street smart.

Emotional because you have a level of relatability there that’s hard to find nowadays. Everyone is trying so hard to be, “Look at me hahaha I’m so unique and quirky and randooommm. Chicken nuggets.” But you’re just your own unique self and that’s so much better.


Hooray! I don’t accept the reason of use of the word but you did it so, good job.


I don’t know very much about you, but from the little that I know, you’re socially, interpersonally and intrapersonally intelligent.

You seem to be able to read the hidden meanings and emotions behind a simple post - black letters on a white background. As I keep on saying, you’re extremely intuitive and sensitive to your surroundings.

As Howard Gardner quotes, “People with high interpersonal intelligence communicate effectively and empathise easily with others, and may be either leaders or followers. They often enjoy discussion and debate.” I see this clearly relating to you.

Your intrapersonal intelligence comes from having a deep understanding of yourself, what your strengths or weaknesses are, what makes you unique, and being able to predict your own reactions or emotions.

Emotionally, basically the same as what you wrote about me. It’s hard to find someone who relates so closely to me these days, and you seem extremely mature, unlike some other people I’ve met (not here). Hasn’t someone already told you how much they appreciate it?


;-; I’m crying

Thank you so much!
People these days only see me for my academic intelligence… :confused:

And even my parents belittle me quite often.
I shouldn’t rant too much aha


No, rant it’s important.

I wrote a bunch of paragraphs about your previous post and it got pending.



Are you sure? I’ve been known to put many people off because of my ranting. Moreover, this is a public space so everyone will have access to what’s been going on in my life…

Aww!!! I’ll wait for it to come, and I’ll be sure to reply to it.


To summarise:

What you wrote was super thoughtful, thank you.

No, people prefer to take advantage of how chill I am.

I sometimes feel like people have the emotional relatability of a 5 year old.

I let some people take advantage of me because I see them as children playing with a toy (I know how bad that sounds).

And then I thanked you for being mature and being able to relate to me.


Yeah some people see me as that super chill friend, but some see me as too serious…

Honestly, I think that too, but ofc I’d never say it.

I mean, I do enjoy a shallow, per say, joke every once in a while, but the good thing about friends like that is that they’re often ride-or-die friends, which allows you to get another whole experience in life, if you get what I mean


Oh man.

Don’t post anything here if you’re not comfortable.


Aha I figured xD


Oh what do you give me?


In your opinion, do I?


sorry about that! I won’t do it again!


I think you’re probably a mix of the three that I gave @cupcakemaniac1 but I do feel you’re especially strong in the social intelligence. You’re really good at getting a long with people and working out social situations like that.

Nah, I don’t think so.

No worries, you’re fine. I know you’re kidding.


Happy cakeday @Jojo



@Jojo is it raining in your area??


Thaaankkk youuuuu!!


No. Not yet but the clouds are pretty grey.