Jojo(Dude)'s Topic! (Jojo is really awesome! ~Silvery)



Haha you sound pretty cool!


wHat aBOut mE
Jk xD


She was a little overwhelmed and emotional and I picked up it was around the same time of the month as when her friend had previously brought it up.

There’s a whole app for it apparently.

I would like the title of stalker to please be cleared from my name please :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that’s more like it hahaha

Yeah, it’s TMI because:

a) for you to tell me, you’d have to be telling the rest of the internet; and

b) because I don’t hang out with you often enough for it to be relevant.

Otherwise, yeah I try not to be weird about it. Sex and it’s related topics shouldn’t have to be attributed only to jokes or pervertedness.




Exactly! I’ve never told a guy before so I’m not used to it


There is

Sorry I should have used the words, ‘good memory’ and ‘intuitive’…


Yeeeeaaahhhhhhh :DDDDDDD


Ok let’s not talk about this anymore…

It’ll get awkward real quick if we go on any further



Meme of the day

That’s super relatable to me cause when I’m bored and just standing around in a jacket, that’s exactly what I do



Weird flex, but okay :stuck_out_tongue:


What so you don’t do it either?


Of course I do. It’s a unique skill shared by all intellectuals.

However, I don’t see a need to show it off.


:frowning: Wdym

It’s just relatable


I’m jooookkking.

The internet makes it so hard to express my stupidity.

And I sometimes worry I use these emojis too much:



My mum thinks memes are not intelligent…

But she doesn’t know that memes are a lifestyle and art used by teens and adults to bring laughter and joy to all those around them.

Most importantly, you’re extremely intelligent and intuitive!


That took a while to type cause I’m not allowed to use the word diputs


Um, excuse me? Who are you talking to?


Everyone has their own type of intelligence. It could be academic, social, etc.


Just type it like this:



It’s so stupid how you can’t just type stupid like I’m using it for self deprecating purposes only.