Jojo(Dude)'s Topic! (Jojo is really awesome! ~Silvery)



Oh I made a typo! lol!


Yes Jojo is the kawaii grandpa


Yes exactly. I am going to sleep soon, goodnight!


Good night!




Elderly women can be cute???


They can be!


Yeah, of course.

It’s not raining where I am.


Thank you so much!!

I really appreciate you remembering.


Additional note on today:

There was a note found in the boys bathroom at my school behind one of the cubical doors.

It said that a bomb had been planted at the school.

It was obviously a terrible prank gone wrong because the school had to follow protocol and we evacuated to the grassed area behind the school.

They left us for two hours in the sun doing nothing and we even missed our lunch time because of it. A couple of my female friends were going through a big big sad time if you catch my drift and there was no access to bathrooms or somewhere to sit.

Only two of my school friends remembered my birthday.

One remembered it yesterday. I told her that it wasn’t my birthday today so that she wouldn’t tell anyone or be nice to me. I don’t need special treatment just because it’s my birthday:

My other friend is chill so I thanked him and just asked him not to tell anyone.

(Yes, I scribbled away one of the messages and then tried to fill the bubble back in) :stuck_out_tongue:

TLDR; my birthday was the bomb.


Argh I did reply to this but it’s pending


I’ll just say the important things

I might be wrong, but I’m just guessing… But how did you know that your friends were on their reeee?? We train ourselves to hide it from guys xD

But if they told you, that means they trust you a lot. You seem really nice about it as well, so behalf on all girls, thank you

Also, I’m glad someone understands how awkward and sometimes annoying special birthday treatment is. I don’t need the whole world to know that it’s my birthday.


Oh :frowning:
Rip me


Girl 1: My guy friend told me to explain why she was so restless and exhausted.

Girl 2: Someone asked a mutual friend of mine why another friend looked so tired and she said “Same as [Girl 1’s Name].” I overheard.

They didn’t tell me :(

The girls in my drama class do so I know to be careful. One of them is the girl who remembered my birthday.

One time I was like, “It’s that time of the month again, isn’t it?”

And she said, “How do you know?”

I said, “Because it’s around this time every month according to [other drama friend’s name].”

But you’re welcome :)

THANK YOU! It’s like, if you remember, good for you but don’t parade around telling everyone.


I know it can get annoying, that’s why not half my class know when my true birthday is.

also yes, all the girls say thank you.,


I don’t think I will tell people my true birthday as when I do, everyone is like “aw you should be one of the youngest, not the oldest! Your way too innocent to hang out with us!”

and I am like



I hoard witty jokes and I’m known as the cool nerd who introduces you to video games and lets you copy her homework.


Wow you’re cool!
I’m the awkward bean in the group, the closet memer (only known by a select few), and the person who lets you copy her homework, on the condition that you buy me something from the school canteen.

I tell people all the cool tricks and hacks to bypass the school security systems though…
That’s the only cool thing about me besides one other thing that I shall not go too deeply into, and is actually annoying to me

I do get told that I’m too innocent…


Well that’s slightly stalkerish, but at the same time, considerate!
Now I feel like I can tell you, without any trouble.

But I think that’s TMI…


Told ya!