Jojo(Dude)'s Topic! (Jojo is really awesome! ~Silvery)



Anyways I’m gonna go get a good night’s sleep cause I’ll need it for tomorrow xD

Oh yeah I had a zooper dooper today



Haha I need another one!



You’ll be okay, you seem really smart! I hope you do well!


How does he do that!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY OL’ JOJO :birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday:
blows party blower

Thank you for remembering me from two and a half years ago and being so kind and welcoming! You’ve been such a warm friend to me and I hope you have the best day in your long 15 years of life.



Awe thanks xD


Is it bad if I ignore all the nice stuff you said and just focus on this?

Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you so much! It means a lot to me :)


Happy birthday Jojo! Your 15 today, and that’s really cool! Your an amazing person, and you’ve not that typical teenager like my cousin, (he’s 16 and soooooo lazy). Your witty, smart, kind but also sweet, caring and loyal to your friends. You have always been there for me, and your the only person I can fully open up to ever because I trust you. I’m really glad to be your friend senpai! I hope you have the most amazing day, you deserve it. You’ve always been awesome, keep on shining like the bright star you are. I am here for you too if you ever want to talk, just let me know! You deserve to have the best day ever! You know that people will come and go, but friends like you only come round once in a lifetime. Please, carrying being totally awesome!

Sorry it’s short!


DX mine is shorter


Yours is very heartwarming and beautifully written though!


XD so is yours!!


I just added a small bit, it’s not much!


Well as long as Jojo likes them, it’s fine

ol’ jojo


Yep that’s the main thing!


So he’s the grandpa, your the mum, what am I?


The baby xD


Oh okay! Sure, I’ll be baby Silvery! Well I am the youngest out of us three, by a while.


Thank you so much for this. It really means a lot to me. I’m not super good at writing emotional stuff but I hope I can get across my gratitude anyway.

Pfff nah, it’s perfect.


I’m glad you like it!

You sure?


Even I think so xD

It’s a shame it’s raining on ol’ Jojo’s birthday