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But lemon?

I was talking about whether you liked eating it by itself xD

It makes a great ‘spicer-uperer’ for food, but if you eat it by itself, weird flex but ok


No, I don’t eat it by itself.

My brother does.



I don’t get why people think that lemon isn’t a fruit.

It’s clearly a fruit, and it’s in the citrus family, like oranges and limes, which are fruit!

I understand if people don’t know that tomatoes are a fruit.


Yeah, I agree with everything you just said.

Finally someone who understands.


Totally! They are fruits! Finally!


I’ve never met anyone who thinks lemons aren’t fruits!

I mean, what else could they be?

Vegetables? Nuts? Herbs??
Dairy products?


I get told they’re vegetables a lot.



I honestly do not know.


The world confuses me sometimes



I’m so bored.

Tell me your story Anna.

Take me on an adventure.


You know those party blowers? The ones that have a rolled up paper tube that extends when you blow into it?

Yeah so anyways, I bought one of them into school, and began tooting it at random times during class, making sure that I was safe hiding behind my computer. It was SO FUNNY!

The teachers would look up from their desks and furrow their brows, trying to figure out the culprit, while I resumed my original position and typed away on my computer. They never knew it was me. What was even funnier was that the teachers would pick on the naughtiest and most misbehaving student in the class, and they’d be so confused cause they had nothing to do with it!

Of course, all my friends knew, but we swore on a Maccas run that we wouldn’t tell anyone. During fourth period, we had IST, and it was getting really interesting. So I began tooting it every time the teacher said something exciting! She was SO CONFUSED! Everyone in my class knew it was me, and when I glanced over at their faces, some were red trying to hold their laughter in, and some where on the verge of crying!

Eventually, the teacher found out cause she saw the party blower in my hand as I walked out of the classroom, but I didn’t get it trouble because we were just sharing a few laughs (phew).

When I was walking back to my common room, I tripped twice on the stairs and on a stray desk that was lying in the room. On the second fall, I RIPPED MY PARTY BLOWER!! I almost cried

The party blower now resides in my locker, and I am yet to plan my next attack.


That was a truly exciting adventure.

Thank you.

I wish only the best for you and your family and send my condolences for the loss of your precious party blower.

Rest in RIP Party Blower
Tooooooottttt” 2019-2019


You condolences have been received by all the other party blowers residing in Target, Big W and Kmart.
They’d like to thank you for your kindness and sympathy conveyed towards Party Blower No.1.

Brb piano practice :smiley:


Enjoy piano practice.

I have just received a message of thanks from the party blowers at Woolies, Coles and the Reject Shop.

“Thanks mmmaayyytttte.”

They said.


Hey I’m back!

Here’s the real question: Do they sell them in Aldi?


I have a maths exam tomorrow
internally screaming

I’ll be alright… hopefully…


Hmmm… I don’t know. That’s a good question.

What kind of Maths exam?


We don’t have half-yearlies or mini assignments so we have major exams for each subject every term, then a yearly exam at the end of the year.

This exam contributes to 20% of my report mark… :confused:

It’s pretty simple - quadratic equations, algebra, factorisation - so I think I’ll be alright