Jojo(Dude)'s Topic! (Jojo is really awesome! ~Silvery)



We all do I think.




You’re comparing yourself to me?! Ha! You’re not even good enough to be my fake!

~shadow the hedgehog 2001

oh my gosh we’re the same.

You might know everything I’m going to do but that’s not going to help you since I know everything YOU’RE going to do. Straaaanngeee isn’t it??

~sonic the hedgehog 1996


My head.
I have no idea what just hit me.


I’m guessing your a big sonic fan!




Ah yes me too xD
Jojo and I had a discussion about our favourite games


Ah, what’s your favorite game?


I’m still creeped out about the uncanny similarities in our interests and bed times.


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (the OG)
Sonic Generations


Oh wow that’s quite scary actually…


Let’s take this further…

What’s your favourite colour?
Favourite fruit?
Favourite subject?
What colour is your toothbrush?


What’s roarhaven???


It seems to be a fictional town in the book series Skulduggery Pleasant…


I’m not sure this one is going to work hahaha

Favourite colour: Black.

uhh Joseph, black isn’t a colour, it’s a shade

If not black, i choose blue.

Fruit: Lemon.

But if you want a more classical fruit… I have no idea.

Between mango, watermelon, passionfruit and grapes.

Subject: Maths, English, Science, Information Software Technology (computers and coding basically).

Toothbrush: I actually changed my tooth brush recently.

Previous one: Purple
Current one: Green
Next one: I want it to be Blue.

can you buy black toothbrushes?



^^ correct


Well I like lilac :stuck_out_tongue:

I love mango and watermelon! But lemon is an interesting choice…

I DO IST TOO inaudible screaming
I love Maths, Science, IST and Music

Well mine is light blue…

Oh well there seemed to be a few similarities
imagine if it was all the same


Ah okay! I need some good books to read now!


Mine is blue too! Yay!


Okay, other than favourite colour and toothbrush colour, I think we’re still synced.

Subjects are the same and your favourite fruits are among mine.

I like lemon because so many people just don’t accept it’s a fruit hahaha

I approve of lilac, just looked it up.