Join the Forum Today! Collab! :D



Hiya! (Hiya means "Hi You" btw) I have noticed that quite a few people in Hopscotch haven't joined the forum yet. I know that the Hopscotch Team is working hard on getting people to join, but I think we can help too! I made an account, "Join the Hopscotch Forum", and my idea is that some of us could log into the account and make silly (or serious) posters/games advertising the forum. (I am picturing a ton of potato comments) If you want to help you need to agree to these rules:
Be respectful with your projects, don't make anyone feel bad
Don't re-mix other projects on this account, it just clogs up the channel. Remixing projects about the forum is o-k though!
Spam like as much as you want!
Don't change the username
Don't share the password
Don't change the avatar. If you want a new avatar, ask me first please.
Anything else I should add here?
Also, if you want to join, please tell me your hopscotch username!

Let me know if you want to help and I will let you know the password for the account through the Hopscotch app. Thanks!

People who have joined the collab

@Deadfr a.k.a. vanillapowder :tm:
@Fun_in_the_Sun a.k.a. Funny_in_the_Sunny
@YsabelleChan a.k.a. -Ysabelle-
@JaggedJeans a.k.a. .....(・ω・)ノ
@Redo122 a.k.a. redo122 :d æ
@Hermione a.k.a. MeaowCat


Can I join? That's sounds amazing!


Yeah! Do you have the same username in game?

Edit: vanillapowder with a tm?
Double edit: oh yeah you are :stuck_out_tongue:
Triple edit: ok look in activity


No, my hopscotch username is Vanillapowder


Can I join? I can do some advertisements!
(I'm Funny_in_the_Sunny)


Ok I'll remix one of your projects with password. Check your activity :slight_smile:


Me? I can't acess my ipad my sis using it I'm on :calling:


Could I join? 202020


Yup I'll give you the password
Whats your


Oh I have to go. I'll come back to this topic later :slight_smile:


I'm back! :grinning: I'll set up stuff now!


I'm -Ysabelle- ! 20202020


Ok, I sent you the password! Check activity!
Edit: Also, I made our first advertisement! Check it out!


Can I join plz? :3


Can someone make an advertisement with a swag potato on it, saying that we talk about potatoes frequently on the forums? XD


Yes I can if @AwesomeJediE lets me my hp username is MeaowCat or FruityMilkshake


If you want it join I need to know your hopscotch username :grinning:


I have a lot but my main one is .....(・ω・)ノ


Ok I sent you the password @JaggedJeans! Check .....(・ω・)ノ's activity.

We also have another project advertising the forum!


Ok thanks :D