Join my Southern Team!


if you are southern please join my southern team for a competition made by @Bubbles4Ever929! Here is the link and follow her steps of how to join my team!





First reply!


awesome... if you are southern will you join my team @Niftynia75


Well my mom was born in Alabama but I live in NYC


oh do you still want to join my team


Nope, I'm Eastern!



Yeah sure


I'm from Texas but idk anything about competitions..?


I tagged the link for the competition @VolleyballPrincess


ok thanks @niftynia75


I am from the Midwest.



oh ok @Kitkat26 thanks tho


No problem.

Anytime. : D


Southern? I live in the south of this world, does that count?


If you want I'll join your team @SimplySouthernGurl


yea thank you @VolleyballPrincess


yea would you like to join @StarryDream


20 characters


thanks and lol
here's a tip...
if you type something less than 20 characters if you
do this sign < after and type random letters only letters after it will make everything after that symbol be invisible however you have 20 characters...tell me if you don't understand​:grinning: @StarryDream


Thnx for the tip! I always get mad at the 20 characters rule.:wink: