Join my RP, Tree Children!


I started an RP account, and just published sign up forms for it. Please check out my new acc. ETroutBackup and sign up for my new RP. If you want to sign up here, have any questions, or just want to give me ideas, this is the place.


Hopscotch is for coding! Not rps!


Hopscotch is for coding, mostly coding, but also for creativity and expressing yourself through code. Everything you can put on HS HAS to involve code, and whether you use code to make games or to tell stories doesn't matter. And I code too, so this isn't what I really use HS for. RPs are about getting creative and generating ideas, and, when you think about it, Hopscotch is about creativity just as much as coding. You can code like a pro, but without ideas what does it come to?


Usually I don't like rps, but that was a very good argument!


However RPs are not involved with code much and is writing.
I agree with you on the creativity but HS is for coding not RPs.


But code is made up of scripts

And scripts are words and commands

You use words for commands.


Hopscotch isn't for rp's and chatting, it's very un recommended. It was a very good arguement though!


RPs aren't chatting, they're not against the community guidelines and they're not harming anyone. Argument over. Please I just want some people to sign up, not to argue with me. This is getting off topic, I just wanted some people to sign up for my RP. If you want to disagree, start a new topic. I hope this doesn't seem rude. Apologies in advance.


This is advertising, we aren't tree children, and Hopscotch isn't for RPs. And Hopscotch is for coding. And stories aren't inspirational. RPs just clog up your account.
And if you want to do an RP, go to Google Docs or Pages or put on a play at home with your friends.


But Hopscotch doesn't have any Community Guidelines. And this is advertising. And you're not going to get much people to sign up if it's for RPs.


HS does have community guidelines, go to help, then press on being awesome. A ton of people like RPs, and you're not going to stop me from using my imagination. Please stop rubbing me the wrong way, because when I'm mad I go ballistic. Please, leave this topic if you want to debate on RPs, that could be an interesting topic.


I'm warning you, I will flag if you keep going off topic and fighting me.


I'll try to stay neutral, but technically they're fighting with you about the rp which is on topic since the topic clearly states it is about an rp


I can't join the RP because I'm really busy, but if I had the time to, I would. Stop pressuring @EsteemedTrout guys...


DThank you! That made my day @SabotageWarning


I don't think RPs should be on Hopscotch, and lots of users agree. They don't have coding purposes and clog up the mainstream. :wink:


I have no friends ^ ^


Ok guys! RPs are not against the rules and she can do it. I just don't recommend it to newcomers but go ahead! Let this forum be free of flame wars!



I rp a lot on hopscotch. mostly to develop my characters


I've been on HS for a while, and I just thought I'de give RPs a chance. This is the kind of topic that makes me want to leave the forum and turn off my iPad