Join my new chat room!



It's on my profile (Velveeta Keeta) and it's called Velveeta Chat Room!


Awesome! I will check it out!


Sorry, but chatrooms aren't a good type of Hopscotching. Hopscotch is for coding, not chatting.

I'm just calling the leaders and mods to review this.


Can anyone actually go look at it??


Although some people (probably like you) don't like them on Hopscotch, they are allowed! :wink:


Chat rooms actually aren't a very good way to hopscotch! Just a tip! I know a lot of people do chatrooms and rp's but try being more innovative with projects not chatting! Just a tip :wink:


I think chatrooms are only OK if they are discussing hopscotch, but we have the forums to answer questions! @Liza any opinions?


Ya. If they are about a collab or about hopscotch it's ok


Welp. Looks like I missed that opportunity.

When you go to the code to add new text it shows you a PSA on how Hopscotch should be mainly coding and challenges you to create a game in this and remix it. I was hoping some people could remix just the message and spread it to the audience who does not know that chatrooms that don't discuss things such as hopscotch or collabs are unnecessary.

Nobody actually went to see it, so.... darn.


Sorry but chatrooms are not around anymore!:wink:

Sorry for the disappointment! :frowning:


I go into Newest and they're the only thing I see mostly. That and role plays.


I'll join your chat. I think it'll be cool.


I'm not a very big fan of chats, but if you could find a way to put in some coding (besides text boxes and invisibility), like scrolling or something, it would be pretty cool!


Well this chat room thing is kind of fun, but hopscotch is for coding not chatting. If you don't have a social media account because your parents won't let you is because their is people out there who hack.