Join My Art Club!


Hi! I'm EnchantedHopscotcher's art account! I will be posting all my art here and telling you and talking about my art account!

I am Enchanted Painter on hopscotch, and I was wondering if you would like to join my art club on hopscotch! If you could, it would be great. I'm aiming for 25 members.

If you want to join, fill out the form in the link and call it #EnchantedArtClub. If you don't feel comfortable remixing on your original account, you can always create an art account. :D

So... yeah! Here is the link and some people whom I want to join and are very gud at art and are very active on hopscotch. :D

People I Want In My Art Club




"...are very active on hopscotch. :D "


Not anymore, thanks to the


Although I really want to join...


hmm, I could join.... but
I'm not that active on HS


I'd love to join, but...

I always seem to miss art club challenges for other clubs when I'm trying so hard to keep mine up and running! I wouldn't want to take someone else's spot and then be an inactive blob all the time. I get enough of those in NaturalArt...

Thanks for the invitation, though!


I guess you can join on the forum... I will probably be accepting 10 forum members as well. The winners would be announced on both the forum and hopscotch. :D


Hey CWAB! Like I said earlier, you can always join the forum one! :D

Sorry, all my posts are pending. XD


but must I do all the challenges?


Nah, there isn't be any strike thingy..


I join!


Thanks! :D You are a member now :D

Basically, all you have to do is be in my art club and just do as many challlenges as possible ^^

Also, why does everyone have a profile pic like Rodrigo's, SmilingSnowflakes, and Liza?


ok, I want to join too!