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Hopscotch Cats is an account for cat lovers on Hopscotch. Join today! The password is WeLoveCats (all capitals as shown).


This is really cool! I love cats, but I have a question:
What's to stop bad people from ruining drafts and the username?


Tags the cat addict @VanillaBlossom :DD


Imma cat


Cats are life :heart_eyes:


There's already a club for this dorry


I'm A huge cat addict too


Cool! You shouldn't make the password public, though; anyone can see it, and hacker could ruin the account :0


Okay, I'll change the password. Remix Super Book's project Cat Addict to get it.


It's still public that way. If someone wants to join, mayne post the password so that they can see it then delete the post.


I could do that, but it's still public. Maybe I could delete the project after putting it up?


Also, Remix the project as PRIME PASSWORD or I won't see it. And remix it as ZOLLO CAT after reading it so I will remember to delete it.


A project with the password?


Yup. A project with the password.


Happy Anniversary @CatsOFcongress!!:cat::cat::gift::gift::tada::tada::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::balloon::balloon:


Thanks! I did do this a year ago .