Join date glitch and pfp glitch

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: GalaxyBoi

What kind of device are you using?: iPhone X

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened):

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Create an account
  2. Wait a month or so
  3. Change your username

I expected this to happen:
Expected to everything run smoothly

But instead this happened:
Well it ran smoothly but my join date got updated and only now I realised it says I joined in 2020 even tho I joined in 2018. Also when I bought hopscotch premium the app crashes when I try to insert custom pfps

Here’s a sweet screenshot:
it wont let me add screenshots :frowning:


are you sure you joined 2018? your oldest project is in 2020


Hey @GalaxyBoi! To add a screenshot, click the little </> button on the toolbar and put the image inside what pops up. Then we can fix the image for you!


I reuploaded them all


@anon82626866 theres a game in my profile with a small explanation
The forums won’t let me post links so you’ll have to manually go to my profile


to add links, do what @anon68560021 said


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Done @anon82626866

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are you sure youre on the same account as you were in 2018?

fixed link: A little update... by GalaxyBoi

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Yes I’m sure. This is my only account and I never logged out of it. It’s logged in on my phone and ipad.
My first game “lucky trading” (which is complete garbage) was made and published before I changed my name. After I changed my name to GalaxyBoi, I reuploaded my games and eventually changed the author in every game that had the “by …”



I remember I joined in 2019 or so, but it says I joined 2020 June, not even close!


Hm this seems odd.

I just checked the join dates for both of you, in the admin interface. Let me know if
a) these join dates don’t seem right (and if you can recall roughly when it changed)
b) if there are any other points that you’ve changed your username

It says the join date for your account is 29 Jan 2020 (2020-01-29)

It says the join date for your account is 24 June 2020 (2020-06-24)


Maybe it was a different account?

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The system is broken, it probably registers the date the name was claimed instead of when an account joined. Do accounts have IDs?

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Accounts do have IDs — you can see the ID of your account on the web explorer

You can just go here and search for your profile:

Then you’ll see the ID in the URL.

That does seem like a bug if that’s what’s happening. I’ll have to do some testing with changing names on accounts.

For the crashing when inserting custom PFP, would you be able to make a new topic for that? Just to make it easier to find info for each issue by keeping it separated.


I changed my name to Cutelittlekittycat🐈#bees once

Then I changed it back after a while

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