Join Cat Club! Co-Leader positions available


Join Cat Club! The primary account is:
Cat Club Primary
If you would like to teach, lead, moderate, or edit, please reply.


I can do anything. I know a lot about cats, so I can teach, or I can help moderate! But, I would love to lead! I am obsessed with cats, in fact I have a 16 year old cat!


You would be perfect to
lead! Login to Cat Club Staff Ina few minutes. The password is KittyKat


Ok! Thanks! At least 20 characters.


It's ready! this has to be 20 characters


Two questions: What is the Cat Club Primary account password, and what will the meeting be about?


It's cats and it's about cats. It's mostly set up, @Glitter_Kitty


I meant Cats (twenty characters)


I found that out. Thanks!


Meet me in staff twenty


Could I join? plus I love cats.


Yep! Welcome to the cat club! The Cat Club Primary account password is Cats.


Of course. Do you want to be a moderator, editor, teacher, or just plain Member?


Moderator. Also, thanks for letting me join!:grinning:


I would love to be part of it, I know a lot about cats, I have cat that you can see in my profile picture! I would like to Teach, Lead, Moderate, and Edit! I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEE CATTTTTSSSS!!!


@CutiesCuties yeah! Staff login is Cat Club Staff and KittyKat . @Glitter_Kitty will help set you up. I'll touch base later.


You can do every thing! @Phase_Studios I can set you up soon!


Ok thank you! (Twenty)


I will tell you what you need to do on the Staff account! Just go to drafts.


What do you mean by going to drafts?