Join A NO HACK collab! (WJB members welcome especially) :D

Credit to snoopy
Okay.. so I know what happened to WaddlingJuiceBox... so people have to ask and fill out the form if they want to join this
Name: Idk
@EmojisRUs: Random coding
@MiNi: Drawings, coding, etc
@Zachyswag: games
@Trendygirl: art
@PrincessBunny1: pixel art trail art and drawings
**Wat is your forum name?
What is your hopscotch name?
What are you going to work on in the collab?
What are your achievements in HF and HS?
What is an idea for a name in the collab? **


What's the collab about? First lol


Just random coding and drawing! :D

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Oh ok

I can't code

disappears into darkness

Can you draw???

Well kinda

Edit: my old acc, HimynameisMeredith has my cringey drawings

Then JOIN! :D
what are you wanting fooooooooooooor


I'm too busy with other stuff D: but if I could I would. (That rhymes) plus I forgot my password. So when I send a reset password email it for my other account so they're linked because I used the same email.

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Revive :P

Idk. I promise I won't hack :slight_smile:


I got added :))))))

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@EmojisRUs what is the account?

I need name ideas...

Just so you know, I was previously in WJB.

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Maybe I will join

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Then join! It'll be fun! Also do you have a name idea

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Hi there's the information

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Sorry I couldn't think of a good username
Oh and also i was in WJB

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How would you make it a no-hack?
I'm just curious.
WJB was a disaster. :stuck_out_tongue:

Once we find out a name (lol) @nd make the account, ill remix their account with the password

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