John Cena's AMA/General Topic




this is on wiki edit because y not

Green cat

Donald trump is an evil chakin- kawaiirose


Hello, how are you? :D


gud so is gary ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


That's good! :)


Are you getting the subscription?


I already have it :slight_smile:


What is a WIP?


Work in progress


le revive
that phrase was stolen from @KVJ oh no wait now he is aware of this and he will call the police help


It's okay. I am spreading my influence!


k thicks plz dont call the police


@StRiKe_Panzer Just because you are quitting doesn't mean you can be rude to others. This started off as you repeatedly saying "Your nor making any sense", but then you proved to everyone you were just trying to bother others. You get told to stop, and you call people hypocritical and idiotic. At this point, I'm almost glad you're leaving.


I am not leaving...

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Can you PLEASE stop saying 'Your not making any sense' in topics! It's annoying, and we'd like you to stop. You will be banned if you go on like this. D: