JessieCA's Creative Page


This is a new thing I'm doing for my Hopscotch! You can take a poll on my projects, ask questions, and put out ideas for new games! Let's start with a poll!

What Is Your Favorite Game That I've Made?

  • Tiny Ninja
  • Macaroon's Café
  • Counting Sheep
  • Hexagonal Master
  • Other



Any questions or ideas?


Feel free to post pictures of your favorite moments or scores in my games on this page!


If you choose other on the poll, put the project's name after!


Hi. Thanks for the invite! You're an awesome Hop!


I really liked your macaroon cafe!


Thank you both! Would you like to suggest a new game idea?


Which is your favorite type of game?

  • Geometry Dash Style (Counting Sheep)
  • Interactive Trail Art (Macaroon's Café, Spaghetti Maker)
  • Trail Art Requests (Snoopy's request, Smiley Alyssa's request,etc.)
  • Climbing Game (Tiny Ninja)
  • All of the Above (:joy:)



More like all of the below :joy:


Haha. Very funny..:expressionless:


Any game suggestions or requests?


If I had suggestions… I'd use them lol