@jess888's general topic and club / fan page



@Jess888 's general topic, club/ fan page

so what is this u may ask who is this well read on then!
ok so wanna be in my club then your in the right place this is @Jess888 's general fan page and club and your mission is to join her club now!

Club- join here

- @KVJ
- @Candycane
- @treefrogstudios

Wanna join my club just ask basically want me to be one of your sepei's well then ur name should be here I will tag u when ever I have amazing posts if u want to be o my senpei tag list which is the club

and what about a fan page and general page u may ask?

_well come here for that too I will post my general new stuff and opinions which u can debate between you so u a fan of me or something I do come here _

Please check out my hopscotch profile I have some awesome stuff

Peeps I luv
And many more to be added just can't be asked right now lol

My senpeis
- @KVJ
- @Maltese
- @PandaBlossom

so please comment below if u wanna join and rave about me lol nah I'm joking this is my general page just like everyone else's

well like u could rave about me ... Hahahm oh no ones laughing with me... Fail

Oh and use my profile pic just in case u wanna jessify things lol

How would u rate me in general

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Thanks sooo much for reading luv


Thanks for the tags in both lists!


Woah! I'm a senpai?



Lol I know wanna be my fan lol my bezzie ur so lucky for getting tagged twice no one else did ha


Yeah of cooouuuurrrssseee lol




Woah thanks! Me==Fan




I'm your senpai? :D

Thanks so much @Jess888! :0

Totally unexpected. xD


U wanna be on my fan list yassss! Senpei luvs me


:D nice topic! I'm a fan, and an AC :wink:


I am under the list for Maltese peeps



Lol @Candycane

Siriusly gotta discuss the school :wink:


Me too!


Let's GBOT


This is basically all the British people here lol


I agree lol so gotta


Yeah ur right no one else likes meh hahaha