Jess888 is e best ever


Jess888 is my favorite forum person ever






Stop fighting I'm trying to raise awareness for jess


No one cares.


Stop please :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:. No fighting





Yo, stop fighting, hopscotch isn't about fighting, this is my last day here and I'm dissipointed of the way you guys are acting

@MrHotdog64 is not a trump supporter

Please stop this


If you don't stop


It's okay but in this topic we raise awareness for jess888 the best ever


Ok, you asked for it :3


What is this? Jess888 has been acting up recently. Pretty sure this is you @Jess888


Ohhh, trying to hide behind the account eh?


I saw that, almost gotcha their.

Stay behind your walls I don't care. I've faced much worse


@liza please find a post here that was deleted, and it was very rude to me


I didn't even do anything wrong! @razor seriously


I'm not jess888 sorry about that you need to ask someone else


Mods and up can see deleted posts, so you might want to be careful with what you say. :)


But I didn't even say anything!!


No, she mentally hurt people's feelings(I'm not sure but telling from the letters/black text blocks like this real name I think she sweared once on another account called snowball).
EDIT: why won't the black blocks show up?