JellyBean’s General Topic! ❤️


Hey everyone, so I’ve been seeing a thing going around called Main Topics. So me being me I started one too. So I don’t quite know what it’s for but if you want to ask me a question or request anything here is where you do it. Also I will be announcing all my events and stuff on here first! Love y’all bye!


(General topics not main topics)




Hola! So I am thinking about starting a event soon!


Ooh I’m interested :upside_down_face:


So, my thought is kind of like a Easter Basket for forum that we send around?


Hmm I’m not sure I understand but please tell me more


So, we make a huge thing that we copy and paste. So like kind comments and what not. So like a huge text that we continue on with a little game in it.


Oh thats :sunglasses: cool! Should i make a hopscotch project we could use instead of a text?


Yeah that would be awesome. I am not a coder myself but I can try to help


Do u have a hopscotch acount?


Yep. It’s not Jellbean tho.


What is it?


It’s Crime Crim. They are different because well I don’t really know.




Hi @JellyBean! Welcome to the forum!


I keep seeing random people starting 2 reply but not finishing lol


Hoi @JellyBean and welcome to the forum… good luck working out how it works!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve been here a while(ish) now and I’m still as confuzzled as the day I started! But anyway everyone on this forum is


Oops never finished😭 anyway everyone in this forum are sooo friendly!


I havent seen u here