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Welcome to Jeffery The Legend
Keeping track of projects:

Latest Bear World:

Bear Cloning:

Other Bear Material:



These projects fill me with a sense of amazement and wonder.

Surely this account must be a green apple in a see of water.

Sea what I did there? Because if you do you’re seeing wrong I did nothing there’s


Thank you

More of these bear projects are coming soon

Bear is under your fridge
Eating snacks


This “bear” person seems strong in the force.

He would make a good ally if we could turn him to the dark side.


Bears can now ripple
Will publish findings


Sloth can now draw in snaps


Now I’ve made a cool map with bears
Try this project


Added a compass to the map game!

click here for project


what a legend


Thank you

I just made this one today

I try to make @JefferyGamer proud


did u change ur name or make a new account


It’s a new account dedicated to saving the Jeffery fishes.


who r u tho


Yes, this new account dedicated itself to save every Jeffery fish available with the powers manifested in -1 and Petrichor

Very grand manifestos


I am jnsa100, child of the First Being, brother of children of the first person in many thousands of years to be created directly by -1.


It also got hacked by me and so I’ve had fun in that


Yes how could you have cracked our super secure passcode


by just being there and observing


I must now go, I think @01​0 is trying to give @04​4 a script for something, and being quite violent.


Yes please save them from such violent harm
Thank you for your dedicated service