Jeff the lizards birthday month/I've been in the forum for to long (1 year) extreme drama roast anime fight happened so


Um Jeff jeff jeff jeff jeff jeff he's turning 2 this month. We don't know the exact date of his birthday but we know it was in April so now it's the whole month. Everyone change your profile pic to jeff for the whole month and make projects in hopscotch even tho I don't use it. Jeff is a smart lizard and he is not dead. He can't be. He revived and is living life happily somewhere now. Everyone celebrate.

Also it's my forum anniversary but that's not important at all so




No one wants to celebrate


Wow! Congrats Mr. Napkin.


Congrats what

Congratulate Jeff not me


this made me join the fourm
for one day
@BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl @BlueStarGirl


She smashed him but he's still alive there's no way this legendary lizard would die


hes dead
let it go
accept it

we must honor him of his bravery


He can't die

He's the legendary lizard there's no way


dont base this off a lie


He could reform himself

He has abilities of reviving

Sure bsg popped his eye out but he revived






you know what happend

we dont live in a world were lizards come to life


Unless it's the legendary jeff


he is

hes d e a d

thats why you made this
to remember what was


No i made this because it's his 2nd birthday


the birthday of his d e a t h



She killed him in the day of his 1st birthday

Jeff only comes out to the wild in his birthday


You admit it
you know
accept it and celebrate his existence