Jdude_Codes Collabs and Commissions Page

Hello! I am open for collaborations and commissioning. If you don’t know what collaborations or commissions are, basically they are when someone helps or works with a coder. I will be accepting to do projects, if you want me to work with you, hold down on this text and click the mail icon. Send me the link(s) to the game privated.

Please note that I may not be able to accept at the time due to other projects.

Thanks, Jdude_Codes


For security reasons there currently isn’t anyway to privately message somebody. If you’d like to open a private collab topic, go here! Collaborations & Beta Testing

*leaders and mods will still be able to see the topic for moderation purposes as well as anyone tagged


that is not what the mail button mean lol

as mentionned by @StarlightStudios, current you cannot private message somebody. you can, however, “privately” post on the forum via an unlisted topic, and that can be done via Collaborations & Beta Testing. just create a new topic there and wait for a mod to approve for ya!


Sorry guys, I didn’t realise! @moderators delete this topic please!


if you have any questions refer to the leaders qna topic!