JayFeather's Stick 🥒🔱🥒 art challenge!


Hello peoples!
If you go on hopscotch and find my account (JayFeather's Stick 🥒:trident:🥒) you can see there is a art challenge on!!! No one has done it and it ends on Saturday!

The challenge is called #MyMovieMyAdd
You have to draw an add for your fave movie!
Like mine is Pixels so I could draw PacMan or Donkey Kong.

Please do.
And please do it on hopscotch.

~GC 🥒:trident:🥒


Cool! :D

oh my goodness you like warriors too


I lost my stylus so I can't do the art challenge but I wanted to say-
jayfeather's stick is the best thing ever to name an account


Thanks! I love warriors!