Javascript club!


Hey I wanted to start a javascript club! All you do is shred info on how to code js and you can help other people. I hope people join because I started js and I love it so much.


I'm in! JavaScript is awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, how long have you been coding js


5-6 years I think. (wow that's a pretty long time!) I started learning through Codecademy, it's a great website for learning code. It's easy to follow and has courses on many other languages such as PHP, HTML/CSS, Ruby, and Python, plus more.


Cool, I started month ago and I use codecademy as of a week ago!


IDK how 2 do JavaScirpt
But I guess I'll join


Can i get java script on my phone?


Hey @ValueGamesStudio


I don't think so...
Hi Taco


Miyen valt a Napod


Then check out this website ot teaches you!


js in a nutshell


Do you think we have enough people


Well there is a free app called "Code Master" it allows to run HTML/Javascript so you could try that.


Oooh this is nice :slight_smile: I don't actually know much JS but have been learning informally as I need it hehe

I am finding this 'law' pretty descriptive/interesting:

I'll call Atwood's Law: any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.



What are some other good js websites?


Do you know any js WEBSITES @MR.GAM3R lol


For iOS devices? No, sorry


Oh, I use my school ipad and dont have any other sorce of electronics so they have to be websites lol


Try codecademy maybe? I haven't tried it before on iPad, it might work.