JavaScript and code club!


Hello I'm thinking of making a club for people who want to learn java scrip and you learn one piece of code per week and there could be quizzes and so on!
Do you guys think this is a good idea?


Think this is a good idea! But it's not very HS related :wink:.


Oh but I meant like code and java script


lots o' numbers xD and I'd like to learn JS, I'm never getting around to it myself, what with all these languages that I can already use distracting me (all these languages=hopscotch scratch html and a bit o' python, and about 0% of javascript even though I still want to learn it)


Id like to learn!!! Sign meh up!


Ohh I have scratch too I. Zemene123 anyways on topic it is super fun so I am wondering if I should start something like this?


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Me me me me we could do it in hopscotch. I know some but want to learn more