Jackies ART Club!


Hey guys! s is my art club!
No Fighting!!!
TRY to do every challenge
annnnnd nothing else so just have fun and play nice my fajitas!!!

the first challenge, ( since this was made on halloween ) is a spookiest drawing!

this challenge is due on november 10th!!! good luck


Hai! May I join? (´・_・`)


Can i join? Also does it have to be on hopschotch?


It’s on da forum only




@sweater do u wanna join?

Art club members



AL RIGHT GUYS!!! Here’s my first challenge,

If u know the hunger games u have to do this one but if u don’t do any other movie, draw a tribute to a character that died in ur movie! Remember if u know hunger games then u have to do someone from there!



Oh and hey guys! Can u tell ppl to come on here and join? Thanks!

Good luck!- @Jackie


ohhh my god yesh. I’m doing everyone’s favorite district 11 tribute: RUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Mmmmmmmm YESSSSSSSS doooo itttttt


do i have to draw it on hs or can i use a difrent program?


U can use a different program ( the drawing can be on anything ) but u have to post it on this ( I’m doing mine on paper for example ) @PartTimeFemale


My lazily done side of the challenge