JACG’s general top-ick lol this is fun, lets do text tricks! Aaaaand nope. No comments. I beat fingerdash. Let’s also have fun with Minecraft commands! Dibs on /give! Nobody adds comments because this gt is basically dead. Knobbelboy fans unite! POL fan!



You have to use at least twenty characters in a post for it to be allowed.

Quote the post below.

Press reply on it and then press the speech bubble button in the upper left of the editor.




Just saying, Discobot can’t tell you…most stuff, so you could just try it.


Say this to get to know the basics

@discobot start new user


Hi! If you have any questions, you can ask me!


Hello and welcome to the forum! I hope that you have a wonderful time here! I would suggest taking a look here and at everything that other helpful forummers posted above! By the way, feel free to ask me if you ever need any help!


Hey @discobot how do you do colored text?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Put the letter a in these things < > for aqua text
And put he word big in them for big text and the same thing for the word small hope this helped!


Oh… uh hi… @JACG2018MASTER
Uh… so…
dashes away
Yep still remember you.
My memory’s not horrible.
Yeah, not gonna put “friend” at the end

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Just saying, I think Discobot’s dumber than Siri.
; D


Lol seriously… that’s just past ok


Hi Jacq :DDD


H̬̟̬͚͇̫̯̫̍̃͂͌͆̈̚̚͝ȩ̸̫͔̮̤̮̊̍͆̌͛͑͒̀̇͜͠l̖͉̬͈̩̖͚̗̂̊̿̀̈́͗̚l̝̺͚͎̘̐͐̄̎̽̾̉̍́͡ō̸͈̪͈̩͗͑́͗͢͜͡ t͉̩͓͎͕̯̥̲̮̑̃͆͊̓͆̾̅͒͞v̨̗̼̰̝̰͖̟̀̍̿̋̑̏ͅ I can use that text too


Yesh you can


Lolololololol its so cool


Yeah I used to use it alot


Yup i remember that very well


Petrichor should be on soon to check follower count


Ok that sounds good f- this 20 character thing