J got a new phone//gt



This is my gt

Idrc what u do on it

lol I just got the iPhone X so I’m pretty pumped

So yeah


@Anonymous I still gotta get my iPad screen fixed


Hey, there, @Bright_light!
I’m @Lisa! Nice general topic you have going on here :ok_hand:


Wow nice alt u have going lmao


goes and hits head on wall

You’re lucky.


Haha thank u

It’s rly cool actually


It sounds cool from what I’ve heard. Is it weird not having a home button?


I just realized that lisa was an alt


what a faker
ur probably gonna get banned


Aw man, that’s not very nice
I’m Lisa and I could ban you!

Lol jk how did THT approve this account idk

:shushing_face: No it isn’t


lol her name is spelled with a Z


You’re @JonnyGamer, correct?


Maybe?? :joy:

@Lisa can’t post anymore because new users can only post a certain amount of times per day

How did THT approve of that account I’m so confused smh


Me too, I don’t know how you got by with that, lol.

PC8 said you found a way to make a lot of alt accounts… how do you do it? no, I am not interested in making alts for myself


Discourse has a weird bug

te.st@mail.com = test@mail.com

But Discourse thinks they are completely separate emails

Kayro's GT | Episode IV: A New Post

Um, okay…? Wait, you use that email over and over again?


Yeah, I use my own email over and over again, just with periods in it in different places


That is weird. Now I am tempted to test that out… don’t want to get in trouble though.


You’ll be fine
I made 300+ accounts, and Nindroid made a couple hundred as well
We’ll take the blame


Wait, don’t you have to verify your email?