Ivy’s General Topic! Announcement/Rant in here right now


Anyone at all?


Nvm gtg bye




This topic is inactive lol

In pol a army is coming amd Bill has to leave then Cennia looking angry is spotted througn the window by Skitzo


I’m so sorry something just came up gtg




@CoderOfMagic you still there?


Kind of…
Lol I’m working on a project in coding


Cool what is it?


Besides a create a pol necklace, I’m coding a bunch of Mewtwo’s ocs for them, it has a ship, and ocs in the BG! They have been super nice, so why not!
Can I call you bestie, because, I mean you are one of my best friends!


Sounds sweet

Yes I would be honored to be you bestie, and I consider you one!!!


Thanks Ivy!
That means a lot to me!
Homered? I’m just a hopscotcher!
We are equal in coding, I’m not superior!
So, how are you?


Good, you?
And I just kinda speak like that ;p


I’m good, we have a oral presentation tomorrow, I think I’m gonna rock it!


@Ivy I know you probably aren’t on at the moment, but do you have anything sweet or nice to say to CTS to put in my project?

My surprise to you- Ivy you are amazing. I’m proud to call you my bestie, even honoured. I talk about you with my irl bestie, and they really like you. You are funny and talented.

Pol pics for U! Keep on shining!


She’s a great artist, she’s welcoming, and her comic is the BEST - ivy

Really? Wow thx COM’s bestie, and thank u @CoderOfMagic

Thanks for the pol pics ;p

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Thx guys ;p
(If you would like to join the tag list just ask)


OMG I just got regular how is this possible!?


Hi @Ivy!
I’m a regular too!
How did you get regular next to your name tho?


So @CoderOfMagic, I just tapped on the notification and it took me to a page with the badge on it. Below the description of what the badge can do there was a sentence, it says, “you can use this badge as a title”. Next to that there is a button that looks like the edit button, press it. There will now be a drop down box, open that. Now press regular then press the save changes button. All done. ;p sorry, the instructions are kind of long. :slightly_smiling_face: