Ivy’s General Topic! Announcement/Rant in here right now


This used to be me asking why my replies kept getting stuck in pending, but now it’s my GT. ENJOY :wink: BRING BACK FORUM GAMES


That happens because your a basic user. THT and the forum mods just have to look over your posts once to make sure they’re okay.

After some time, prob when you get member, your posts won’t be pending.


Yo guys, not cool… don’t lounge this… @Ivy was just asking a question, and they’re new too!


Same with my first couple posts. After you posT more, they will upload at once


Like others said, this happens to some people when they are new. I think that this limit has been removed now, so you are free to use the forum!


This is now my general topic ;p


Hello anyone on?


Ivy, on my last project I forgot to add you to the shoutout! Sorry! I’ll shoutout you on my art pad I’m making! Also, you’ve really helped my a lot, I couldn’t live HS without you!


Thanks com ;p


Anyone out there? I’m really bored.


I’m gonna write some random quotes

  1. I told a person to text me when they got home… They must be homeless
  2. when I have a problem I sing; and then I realise my voice is much worse than my problem
  3. People say that nothing is impossible, but I do nothing everyday

If anyone wants more tell me ;p


Ivy you left hs…
I’ll tell you what happened in pol




Did you read the post before my last (it has explaination)

Thank you thank you thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much
You are the best com


You are the best too, I’m proud to call you my very very great friend!


Hi my name is BORED




Hello my name is TIRED


Thanks @Petrichor for moving this topic! ;p


Hey anyone on?