Ivy’s General Topic! (A place full of randomness) ;p which is also dead, if you have any questions for me ask them here. This will also hold my announcements



Anyone at all?


Nvm gtg bye




This topic is inactive lol

In pol a army is coming amd Bill has to leave then Cennia looking angry is spotted througn the window by Skitzo


I’m so sorry something just came up gtg




@CoderOfMagic you still there?


Kind of…
Lol I’m working on a project in coding


Cool what is it?


Besides a create a pol necklace, I’m coding a bunch of Mewtwo’s ocs for them, it has a ship, and ocs in the BG! They have been super nice, so why not!
Can I call you bestie, because, I mean you are one of my best friends!


Sounds sweet

Yes I would be honored to be you bestie, and I consider you one!!!


Thanks Ivy!
That means a lot to me!
Homered? I’m just a hopscotcher!
We are equal in coding, I’m not superior!
So, how are you?


Good, you?
And I just kinda speak like that ;p


I’m good, we have a oral presentation tomorrow, I think I’m gonna rock it!


@Ivy I know you probably aren’t on at the moment, but do you have anything sweet or nice to say to CTS to put in my project?

My surprise to you- Ivy you are amazing. I’m proud to call you my bestie, even honoured. I talk about you with my irl bestie, and they really like you. You are funny and talented.

Pol pics for U! Keep on shining!


She’s a great artist, she’s welcoming, and her comic is the BEST - ivy

Really? Wow thx COM’s bestie, and thank u @CoderOfMagic

Thanks for the pol pics ;p

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Thx guys ;p
(If you would like to join the tag list just ask)


OMG I just got regular how is this possible!?


Hi @Ivy!
I’m a regular too!
How did you get regular next to your name tho?


So @CoderOfMagic, I just tapped on the notification and it took me to a page with the badge on it. Below the description of what the badge can do there was a sentence, it says, “you can use this badge as a title”. Next to that there is a button that looks like the edit button, press it. There will now be a drop down box, open that. Now press regular then press the save changes button. All done. ;p sorry, the instructions are kind of long. :slightly_smiling_face: