I've returned to Hopscotch!



Hello everyone, it’s me @StarKid, @StarKid2017 and all the other “StarKid” accounts I’ve made. I didn’t make sense back then and used TERRIBLE grammar. I’m 10 now and I’ve looked back at when I was on hopscotch and thought I was extremely - I can’t describe it. But other than that, I have returned to Hopscotch and and the forum and I am excited to be joining back and start coding again! I already posted a project on my hopscotch, my username is the same as my forum username.

Hopscotch News Team

Welcome back!


Welcome back!! I am so excited to see your newer projects and creations!!


Thank you @Swati_Bang!


Thank you @PartTimeFemale


Welcome back @PositivityTree


thank you :slight_smile: :smile:


Your always welcome on my g5


Welcome back! And have lots of fun!




Heeey, I saw you in my notifications. I was wondering who you were. Anyways, hi


I remember you @StarKid! Do you remember me? Welcome back, I (and many others) have missed you!


I remember you @William04GamerA!


Cool. How does it feel to be back?


I feel joyful to be coding again. :grin:


I rejoined 15 weeks ago


Cool. I’m excited for new projects!