I've noticed a lot of depressed Hopscotchers



I have noticed a lot of depressed Hopscotcher and this is a place to say that you do matter we don't hate you you are all amazing Hopscotchers .Listen to Bob Marley,Don't worry about a ting coz every little ting is gonna be alright


You guys are good you are amazing


Agreed this is a awesome topic!


Yay thank you!!! I've never had someone day tha to me


I love this topic but honestly.
I don't matter.
I'm just someone who causes drama.
I try to shrug stuff of but I end up becoming emotional and in tears.
I make others feel like they can't do anything.
I feel like... I have only told 1 person this but... I feel like the mods/leaders dislike and hate me.
I feel like I'm worthless.
I can leave and no one will care
Why do I even Bother?
I'm bullied here on hopscotch and everywhere 24/7.

This is more for the leaders and those people.
You make me sometimes feel like... I am worthless and that I don't belong. I do end up crying when I get my feelings hurt from a leader because I messed up. I though leaders were supposed to bring us up and not down? I'm not directing this at one person or all of you. I'll keep that to myself.

Flag this is you need to it wont matter.


nonono this cant be happpening did u c what i put on docs


No your amazing why would you say that!!


You're a part of Hopscotch that can't be replaced. Even if you think you have flaws, you matter. Especially to me. You were one of my first Hopscotch friends. Just...know that we don't hate you. Please.


Gtg not allowed on anymore cya tomorrow


I'm not amazing.. I'm the.. well opposite.

I just feel like everything is falling apart on the forum and its because of me.
From CL... TO being Hacked.. to well everyday drama.


it.is.not.falling.apart.because.of.you.put.your.chin.up.and.smile.be.happy . @SnowGirl_Studios


I'll try I guess.. :frowning:


I am the useless one.
I have a very strong feeling that SmileyAlyssa will say things about me behind my back.
I feel like nothing.


yay keep smiling XD doc


Keep smiling. Just try to make sure it's genuine.


The song is called 3 Little Birds.


People care! I know that, people care about you. It is not your fault. (I can go on potato if you need anything @SnowGirl_Studios)


What!? No one hates you! Why do you think this way?!


Please.. I really need someone I trust to talk to.


Please don't talk about yourself like that...your amazing @SnowGirl_Studios


You can talk to me about anything I won't judge or tell anyone...:blush: