I've lost my spark


I've lost my spark in Hopscotch so I'm going to take a break from the app to try to light up my spark again.


I hope you get your spark back!


I hope you get your spark back. That's what happened to me c:



Anyways to go into more detail, I don't have many ideas in Hopscotch anymore. Also, I think coding is tedious (I mean yeah it is, but I think it's been more clear to me now...).


I hope you have an awesome break,

And regain your spark!


Sorry...but how do you make a description about yourself? I see you have Sweetlina...:yum:


When i make projects i look at peoples on featured, and i try and be like them...it helps me get ideas​:blush:


But coding is still tedious...


Same. :0

I made a topic just like this. XD



That's exactly the same thing that happened to me for awhile. Eventually I got so bored of not making my own things and started playing hopscotch again.


Bye! Have fun.
I hope you will come back with some new sparks :slight_smile:


Bye! I hope you come back soon with a lot of new sparks :slight_smile: