I've decided I'll do it (not yet)

I've been thinking about it in the last few days, and I want to see how it goes if I make a public account. I need suggestion names, and I don't want it 2 be like the time someone misused Fried-Chicken.
What the rules will be:
Don't change the username
Unless it's bad like you would report it, don't unpublish anything
Be respectful and don't leave a bad project in the drafts
Don't publish a project saying the pass because then people won't know the rules.
Username: Not yet
Pass: Not yet


Is this a public account in Hopscotch? It might not be a very good idea, a mega collab account a while back got hacked and everything got deleted


are u talking about mk38c


WaddlingJuiceBox, actually.



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I was in that collab
Someone was swearing at us and they framed me

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I was in that too


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It can be a mega collab, but I first just wanna make a public account

With the name part you can simply tap the button under neath username and it will come up with an unused name! -sorry if someone has already said this!

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Haha I remember that.

I remember that.

A public account in Hopscotch? I think that might be okay. But a public account on the Forum? Yeah that's definitely not happening. : /

@anon41705991 is a public account.

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Yeah I know but now that we see what has happened with public accounts, it's probably not the best idea to start a public Forum account : /