I've come up with a good idea for an game but I have zero coding skills


The game I’ve come up with is the life of you,
It’s basically a life simulator where you can deside what “you” do from birth to ■■■■■
Like the game alter ego you just live then life of some one choosing things that will either help you in the long run or harm you
There’s no power ups or magic it’s just real life


That sounds interesting. Why don’t you try making it yourself?


Because they have zero coding skills


But they won’t get any if they don’t make things.

Make it, and if you run into a problem, make a topic about it.


This sounds like a fun game – I would love to see it if/when you make it. If you need any help with the code, try tagging me!


So, like a Choose your own Adventure kind of thing? That sounds cool! Why don’t you continue to post your problems and follow some tutorials… back in my day (a few years ago) you could take tutorials for free. If there is a membership required now than search on the Internet, “how to make something on Hopscotch”. You should be able to find a YouTube video or something where you can learn. Hope this helps!!!