I've been on hopscotch for 1 year! πŸŽ‰ Ok, now 1 year and 2 minutes....now 1 year and 3 minutes...Ok, you get the idea xD



The day: October 29, 2015
The time: 5:54 EST
The place: My couch
The email:

The one-year anniversary: 10/29/16 5:54 EST
To everyone: feel free to ask me about 10/29/15 and how my life changed in the following days
The celebration project: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ybv707ac7



How has it changed?


Wow a whole year!!!!


I play Hopscotch a lot instead of Minecraft
I feel like I'm doing something important (not that Minecraft isn't important xD)
I also have a chance to release my imagination into something
Hopscotch has caused me to think and I really enjoy it (even if most of my projects are still in drafts)


You know the exact time and place you were when you joined? Impressive :open_mouth:

Congrats! I missed my 1-year-anniversary; Yours will be amazing too! :smile:


I remember getting an email minutes after I joined, so I looked it up and I saw the date and time I first joined.


Awesome!! :thumbsup:


Maybe I should look for mine!



Tomorrow, you'll be proudly displaying the Anniversary badge!


Tip: When you search through mail, do not enter "hopscotch" as a keyword. Otherwise you get a bunch of email from the forums and Liza! Search it as "the Hopscotch team"


I don't think so, that's for forum I think


The forum anniversary badge.



Forum anniversary is in January :smile:


Welp, that's yet another blunder caused by me ;3;


It's ok, don't worry about it :wink:


I know :stuck_out_tongue:

I only got as far as 3/5/15 :confused:


Good luck finding it! As long as you had set up your email when you first got HS, you should have it somewhere! :smiley:


I did.

I just can't find it on my Handy


2 hours 25 minutes and counting until my 1 year anniversary


Congrats on 1 year!
I really wanna know the exact date I joined!